Avoid the Wait

Tom Petty probably wasn’t talking about home appliances, TVs and mattresses, but when you’re without one of these home essentials, waiting truly is the hardest part.

If you’re without any of the products we sell, life can get pretty tough. Laundry piles up quickly and there’s only so long you’ll run to the cooler for a drink or stay up on your current shows on iPad.

Plus, with commitments to work, family and community, it’s a struggle to simply put aside time to sit around waiting for a delivery.

That’s why we offer some handy tools on the website to help you avoid long waits for your new appliance, TV or mattress.

#1 Stock Filter

When you’re shopping for anything, you can easily see what we have in stock by clicking the In Stock filter shown in the upper left of the screenshot below.

Screenshot of filtered catalog view for in-stock French door refrigerators

When you hover over the blue In Stock Now graphic you see which warehouses currently have stock available for immediate delivery. From the screenshot, as long as you’re not in Davenport, the item was available for immediate delivery as of 8am CST that morning.


#2 Delivery Day Truck Tracking

No one wants to sit around waiting for a 3-hour window — even when they’re as accurate as ours. That’s why we allow you to track your truck on the day of our delivery with a few clicks from our website.

Go to www.grandappliance.com and click track your order as shown in the dotted green box in the screenshot below.


Simply enter your Sales Order number or the phone number you used when placing the order in the form and you’ll see a real-time update on the truck that’s carrying your delivery.


How else can we make it easier for you to quickly get products from Grand? We are open to any suggestions that can help us serve you better!

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