What is the best range/stove brand?

To answer this question, we surveyed 56 employees averaging 16.2 years of industry experience among them. The group consisted of 50 salespeople, 4 customer service reps and 2 purchasing managers.

The 50 respondents from the sales team were taken from a cross-section of Grand’s stores. When grouping them based on the nearest major city to the respondent’s store, the break down looked like this:

  • Chicago: 20 surveyed averaging 13.8 years experience
  • Milwaukee: 11 surveyed averaging 20.5 years experience
  • Indianapolis: 8 surveyed averaging 23.3 years experience
  • Madison: 6 surveyed averaging 12.5 years experience
  • Davenport: 4 surveyed averaging 23.8 years experience
  • Appleton: 1 surveyed with 20 years experience


Survey Questions

We asked respondents to consider ranges from just Amana, Bosch, Electrolux, GE, KitchenAid, LG, Maytag, Samsung and Whirlpool and, for each brand, indicate which (if any) of these words or phrases would apply to that brand: [1] Durable, [2] Innovative, [3] Stylish and [4] Good Value.


Survey Results

The results of our survey are shown in the sections below. Brands were ranked based on the percentage of the respondents that selected the attribute in question for that brand. So, for example, the first section is durability and GE was rated most durable with 64.3% of respondents considering their ranges to be generally durable overall.

In fairness to our valued brand partners, we only published the top five in each category. You can use your imagination on the rest.



Most Durable Range Brand


Top 5 Most Durable Brands:

  1. GE: 64.3%
  2. Maytag: 57.1%
  3. Bosch: 55.4%
  4. KitchenAid 55.4%
  5. Whirlpool: 39.3%

GE, Maytag, Bosch and KitchenAid separated themselves in the durability measurement with GE as the clear favorite among Grand’s experts. Not only were all four brands rated as durable by more than 55% of respondents, but also the drop from Bosch and KitchenAid at 55.4% to Whirlpool at 39.3% shows a strong preference for these brands over the other five under consideration.


Most Innovative Range Brand


Top 5 Most Innovative Brands:

  1. LG: 62.5%
  2. Samsung: 46.4%
  3. Bosch: 39.3%
  4. GE: 37.5%
  5. KitchenAid: 35.7%

LG clearly ran away with this competition and with good reason. LG is constantly delivering new and – more importantly – useful features to market.

A great example is ProBake Convection, which utilizes a dedicated 19,000 BTU burner and dual speed fan motor to allow cooks of all experience levels to deliver consistently high-quality meals at home.

And the features don’t stop with the cooking. After the meal is complete, LG’s handy EasyClean feature allows you to self-clean simple messes in just 10-minutes.

Honorable mention shout out to Samsung at 46.4%. The best example of their innovation is the industry exclusive Flex Duo feature that allows you to convert your single oven range into a double oven with a simple removable divider (no kidding).

Most Stylish Range Brand


Top 5 Most Stylish Brands:

  1. Bosch: 69.6%
  2. LG: 57.1%
  3. Electrolux: 53.6%
  4. KitchenAid: 50.0%
  5. GE: 41.1%

This was no surprise. Across all it’s product lines, Bosch appliances consistently deliver sleek, simple designs that manage to be modern and timeless all at once. Shown below are their popular free-standing front control ranges, which likely drove many respondents to choose Bosch as a stylish brand.


While Bosch was the clear favorite, the top four amassed support from at least 50% of respondents in the style category. In other words, LG, Electrolux and KitchenAid are clearly considered to be pretty stylish as well by our experts.

Best Range Value

The term value is pretty subjective when you think about it. In my opinion, most people’s value proposition reflects the balance between the desire for style, features and performance and the willingness to pay for said style, features and performance.

As a result, we couldn’t just ask respondents for the brands they felt were a good value. We also had to ask which brands were inexpensive so we could compare the two and gauge the general weight respondents put on price when determining the value of a product. The results are listed below.

Best Range Value


Top 5 Range Values:

  1. Frigidaire: 78.6%
  2. Whirlpool 69.6%
  3. GE 60.7%
  4. Amana 46.4%
  5. Maytag 44.6%

Least Expensive Brand


Top 5 Least Expensive Brands:

  1. Amana: 82.1%
  2. Frigidaire: 53.6%
  3. Whirlpool: 39.3%
  4. GE: 14.3%
  5. Maytag: 14.3%

OK…So which brand is truly the best value?

Again, it’s subjective, but here’s the way I see it from the results. Since both the “good value” and “inexpensive” lists contain the same brands, it’s pretty likely price played a significant role in our experts’ analysis of “value”.

Conversely, the rank order is different and percentages by brand vary significantly from one list to the other. This suggests feature and style considerations were also at play.

Taking those two observations into account, I have a couple conclusions. First, I conclude that our respondents feel GE offers very strong features and styling. I conclude this is because only 14% of respondents felt GE ranges were inexpensive yet more than 60% felt they were a good value. This indicates the many respondents felt the range was consistently a great value despite not being the least expensive option.

My second conclusion is that our respondents felt Frigidaire and Whirlpool represent great “bang for the buck” brands. Each scored well on both the “value” and “inexpensive” measurements suggesting our respondents felt you can consistently get desirable features and styling for less with these two brands.


Expert Direct Quotes

To conclude our survey, we asked our experts for brands they personally recommended and why. Here’s a handful of the responses we got.

“Bosch, Kitchen-Aid, GE have a good track record for reliability and bang for the buck. They’re available in most colors as well.”

— Michael, 15-year appliance veteran

“I believe that GE ranges have consistently been the best performing ranges for many years. Also, we never have issues with them.”

— Jeff, 22-year appliance veteran

“GE. Best value, durable and stylish.”

— Kevan, 25-year appliance veteran

“For the average customer that comes into our store the Frigidaire ranges offer the nicest styling, features and performance for the money, top to bottom.”

— Don, 7-year appliance veteran

“Kitchenaid or Bosch have some of the better results in reliability.”

— Moji, 19-year appliance veteran

“GE. Great performance and features for the dollar, phenomenal service after the sale”

— Bryan, 20-year appliance veteran

“Whirlpool brands. Good quality, multiple lines to choose from, made in USA”

— Chris, 8-year appliance veteran, reference to Whirlpool brands includes Amana, KitchenAid, Maytag and Whirlpool

“Frigidaire Gallery and Pro. Has best style, features and quality for the price.”

— Robert, 38-year appliance veteran

“There are positives and negatives of every manufacturer, but generally speaking my favorite brands to recommend are Bosch, Kitchen Aid, and GE. From my experience, those brands give the best overall value, service, and quality from top to bottom. 

— Mitch, 6-year appliance veteran

“General Electric – always an innovator and performer in the cooking category.”

— Ross, 23-year appliance veteran

And last but not least, here’s a quote from Josh, our corporate Service Manager: “I prefer Electrolux* and Whirlpool** family products due to their backend support. Every brand has good and bad qualities, but they are heads and shoulders above the competition when it comes to technical support, parts availability and solving escalated issues.”

* Electrolux’s family of brands includes both Electrolux and Frigidaire

** Whirlpool’s family of brands includes Whirlpool, Amana, KitchenAid and Maytag