Product Review: Miele HR1956G

Here’s an overview of HR1946G, which is a unique 48in dual fuel range from Miele that is on display at most Grand showrooms.

HR1956 Front
Miele 48in Dual Fuel HR1956G Range

The HR1956G range is part of a wave of new products from Miele that are quickly reshaping the brand from niche-status to a full-scale kitchen solution.

Miele’s dishwashers have been a fixture in premium kitchens for years, however, their European-styled cooking appliances have largely failed to take hold.

That changed with a refresh of their existing built-in cooking lines, but also adds brand new categories like built-in refrigeration and professional ranges — like the HR1946G. Across the line, you can see a style that balances Miele’s European heritage with a more American look and application.

The Highlights

There’s a lot to like about this range.

For starters. The range combines three popular ovens into one 48in space

  1. Full size M-Touch convection oven on the right side
  2. Smaller M-Touch speed oven on the upper left side
  3. Push-to-open warming drawer on the lower left side

See images below with the upper speed oven door open and lower warming drawer extended:

This is a stark contrast to other premium brands that only offer dual ovens in their 48in ranges. By combining a convection oven, speed oven and warming drawer into one 48in footprint, the Miele range allows you to cook in a wide variety of ways without sacrificing valuable cabinet space.

A nice touch that shows Miele’s attention to detail is the cover for the range’s built-in griddle. A cover is useful for any built-in griddle, but this one goes beyond simply hiding your dirty griddle.

HR1956G Top Covered
Top view of HR1956G range with griddle hidden by the cover.

The Miele griddle cover is unique, however, in that it’s two-piece design that allows you to use it as a splash-guard while concocting messy griddle creations. See below.

HR1956G Top Exposed
Top view of HR1956G range with griddle exposed and splash guards on adjacent burners.


Another interesting touch you’ll find in many new Miele products is a subtle twist on the handle. Literally, handle pivots to provide a more ergonomic experience when opening and closing the door. Another benefit, you’re less likely to scratch the front with a ring using the pivoting handle.


The Lowlights

While the $14,299 price point is hard for the vast majority of consumers to stomach, it is in line with comparable models from similar brands.

Most of the other downsides pertain largely to taste and application. For example, while the European flair to the design offers a contrast to other brands, it may be too much for some kitchens.

If you have ample cabinet space and cook large meals frequently, the loss of the second traditional oven could also be a deal-breaker. Afterall, given the space and the budget, a second oven in the range with a combination steam oven and full-size warming drawer installed elsewhere would provide more flexibility.

The Conclusion

All things considered, the Miele HR1956G is a great solution for a premium range that packs a variety of cooking options into one 48in footprint.


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