What is the best range/stove brand?

To answer this question, we surveyed 56 employees averaging 16.2 years of industry experience among them. The group consisted of 50 salespeople, 4 customer service reps and 2 purchasing managers. The 50 respondents from the sales team were taken from a cross-section of Grand's stores. When grouping them based on the nearest major city to the respondent's … Continue reading What is the best range/stove brand?

Oven Cleaning

From roasting, baking, broiling, and all the frozen pizza in between, your oven can get pretty dirty over time. Imagine a thin layer of grease on the walls, a caramelized stain on the oven floor or crusty crumbs of whatever scattered about. Maybe you don't even have to imagine. Ovens today feature easy to clean … Continue reading Oven Cleaning