Sub-Zero Wolf Midwest Demo Schedule Updated Thru June 2019

Sub-Zero and Wolf recently published an updated demonstration schedule for Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee. If you live in and around one of these three cities and are interested in premium appliances, we highly recommend attending one of these events. The concept is simple: Watch a trained chef cook an intricate meal and in the process … Continue reading Sub-Zero Wolf Midwest Demo Schedule Updated Thru June 2019

What’s a Salamander?

Don't worry, we're not pivoting to blogging about lizards. No offense to lizards, of course. A salamander in our terms is a specialized kitchen appliance commonly found in restaurants. It is essentially a dedicated broiler designed to achieve perfect grilling, browning, finishing and toasting in half the time of a standard oven broiler. A salamander … Continue reading What’s a Salamander?

Black Friday Prices Start TODAY!!

  Rock bottom sale prices on more than 1200 items start TODAY, October 31, 2018. Off-invoice savings in store equate to up to 50% off the manufacturer's Minimum Ad Price (MAP). Shop Our Sale Prices Starting tomorrow, you can get up to $700 back in rebate savings exclusively at Grand. Rebates include: Up to $700 … Continue reading Black Friday Prices Start TODAY!!

Oven Cleaning

From roasting, baking, broiling, and all the frozen pizza in between, your oven can get pretty dirty over time. Imagine a thin layer of grease on the walls, a caramelized stain on the oven floor or crusty crumbs of whatever scattered about. Maybe you don't even have to imagine. Ovens today feature easy to clean … Continue reading Oven Cleaning